The Skin Wellness Center is now offering Accure Laser Treatment for acne lesions.

The Accure Laser System is a new laser treatment utilizing a new and unique 1726nm laser wavelength specifically developed for the treatment of acne. The Accure Laser delivers a precise and predicted temperature algorithm to the overactive sebaceous glands which produce excess sebum (oil), one of the root causes of acne. This targeted treatment damages the sebaceous gland and reduces the amount of sebaceous glands producing oil, thereby improving the appearance of facial or body acne, while maintaining a healthy epidermal layer.

How long will it take to see changes?

Most patients start seeing a reduction in acne lesions several weeks after their first treatment, these results continue to improve over time.


Studies have shown an 80% average reduction in lesions after 4 treatments, each 1 month apart.

Before Treatment
3 Months Post Treatment
Before Treatment
3 Months Post Treatment

Photo courtesy of Dr. Emil Tanghetti. After photo taken 3 months post completion of four treatments, spaced one month apart.

Possible side effects from Accure Laser Treatment.

Similar to other laser treatments, the Accure Laser treatment can cause potential side effects:

  • Possible inflammatory papules/pustules can present within 20-30 minutes and up to 48 hours. Usually, they resolve within one week
  • Possible redness, usually resolving within 24 hours
  • Possible swelling, usually resolving within 24-48 hours
  • Short-term acne flare-ups are common post treatment and usually resolve within one week.
  • Contact your Accure provider with any concerns such as blistering, excessive or prolonged swelling/redness, etc.
Before Treatment
72-Hrs Post Treatment
1-Week Post Treatment

To help minimize side effects, it is advised that patients:

  • Follow recommended skincare routine at home as discussed with your clinician 
  • Protect skin from excess sun, apply SPF daily 
  • Sleep with their head elevated which helps to reduce the chance for edema 
  • Use cold compresses or cold packs to soothe the skin after treatment 
  • Avoid excessive sweat immediately following treatment but patients can continue with normal activities and are welcome to apply makeup to the treated area

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