The ultra-rich, long lasting moisturizer for:

  • dry, cracked hands and feet
  • frequently washed hands
  • dry, brittle nails and cuticles

Apply Cutemol liberally to affected areas as often as needed and at bedtime, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Dry Hands and Feet

Applying Cutemol to damp skin will seal in moisture and help skin recover even faster. Special tip for dry hands and/or feet: Cutemol  is excellent for the most difficult dry, cracked skin when used as directed above. Some dermatologists have their patients dampen hands or feet first, then apply and massage again and pat dry. Your skin will absorb the maoisture and protective emollients needed and will feel soft and supple.

Night Treatment for Hands

At bedtime, apply a thick layer of Cutemol over damp hands, and wear cotton gloves while you sleep. This allows your skin to fully absorb moisture and emollients to both heal existing dry skin symptoms and keep hands soft and younger-looking.

Dry Skin Associated with Atopic Eczema

"Atopic" describes a hereditary tendency to experience an immediate allergic reaction to something in the environment. Keeping skin moisturized can help control the cycle of itching, scratching and skin damage that defines this condition. Cutemol is well suited for eczema sufferers and can be used as often as necessary to keep skin hydrated. If your doctor has prescribed a topical medication, use that medication before applying Cutemol .

Split Fingertips and Cracked Heels

Apply Cutemol as often during the day as possible; and heavily at night. Some people apply Cutemol under a bandage before bed or during the day to help speed healing.

Dry, Brittle Fingernails

Apply Cutemol as often daily as is practical. Only a small amount is needed. Cutemol is especially effective when applied to damp nails because it seals in moisture already present in the nail.