The systematic approach to optimal skin health

Glytone offers a targeted range of in-office peels and at-home product regimens based on indication for all your skincare concerns. Using free unbuffered levels of glycolic acid, an AHA, Glytone products are highly recommended for skin rejuvenation.

Glytone's 8 systems cover all skincare concerns including aging, sunspots, acne, dry skin, dull skin, sun protection, keratosis pilaris (hard, goose bump skin), and post procedure care.

Glytone uses the highest level of free glycolic acid allowing your physician to control treatment regimens and achieve maximum efficacy and optimum skin rejuvenation. As such, Glytone products are only available through a dermatologist or other physician.

The Step Up System

Step-Up to Perfect Skin The Step-Up system is ideal for people concerned with the cosmetic signs of aging. A customized "step-up" approach using increasing levels of free glycolic acid helps combat the cosmetic appearance of skin aging and maximize patient tolerance.

The Step-Up products can be used in two ways:

  • A daily beginning skincare regimen for people ages 25+
  • Part of the peel series to help maximize the benefits of the peel

The Step-Up Kit can also be used to build skin tolerance to glycolic acid peels and enhance results.

Step 1 (10% AHA): The first level of glycolic acid care for people who are beginning the Step-Up System.

The Step-Up system is available in a Step-Up Kit, which contains all the products needed by skin type for starting a regimen.

For prepping the skin before a glycolic acid peel series, begin using your Step-Up Kit 2 weeks prior to your first peel.

Step 2 (15% AHA): The second level in the Step-Up system, to be used after proven tolerance of Step 1 products.

Step 3 (20% AHA): The highest level of the glycolic acid Step-Up program produces dramatic results. (For use only after toleration and compliance of Step 2.)