Sculptra® Aesthetic

Sculptra® Aesthetic is the secret to youthful-looking skin.

The unique treatment that restores your skin's inner structure for a more youthful-looking appearance. 


Sculptra® Aesthetic is intended for use in people with healthy immune systems as a one time treatment regimen of up to 4 injection sessions that are scheduled about 3 weeks apart for correction of shallow to deep nasolabial fold contour deficiencies and other facial wrinkles.  

What makes Sculptra® Aesthetic so unique?

Works with your body to revitalize collagen production, helping to restore your skin's inner structure. 

Sculptra® Aesthetic stimulates your skin's own natural collagen production to increase overall facial volume. 

Unlike hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, Sculptra Aesthetic® is a poly-lactic acid (PLLA)-based treatment. Once injected, it begins working deep within the skin to stimulate collagen production, reinforcing the skin's inner structure and restoring its volume.

Sculptra® Aesthetic works subtly and gradually over time for results that can last more than 2 years.  

In the major clinical study of Sculptra® Aesthetic, patients were still showing improvement 25 months after the last injection. The study ended at 25 months. 

What kind of results can I expect?

Sculptra® Aesthetic works subtly and gradually to restore a youthful-looking appearance. Over the course of several treatment sessions (an average of 3 over a few months), Sculptra® Aesthetic produces results that emerge over time.

Sculptra® Aesthetic should not be injected into the blood vessels as it may cause vascular occlusion, infarction or embolic phenomena.

Use at the site of skin sores, cysts, pimples, rashes, hives or infection should be postponed until healing is complete. Sculptra® Aesthetic should not be injected into the red area of the lip. 

80% of patients were still satisfied with their treatment results 25 months after the last injection. 

Sculptra® Aesthetic should not be used by people that are allergic to any ingredient of the product or have a history of keloid formation or hypertrophic scarring.

The most common side effects after initial treatment include injection site swelling, tenderness, redness; site pain, bruising, bleeding, itching and lumps. 

Is Sculptra® Aesthetic right for me?

Do you want to:

  • Treat more than just wrinkles, lines, and folds?
  • Have subtle results that emerge gradually over time?
  • Address an underlying cause of facial aging?
  • Achieve a full-face rejuvenation?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, then Sculptra® Aesthetic may be right for you. 

How can I get the most out of my treatment?

Remember that Sculptra® Aesthetic works subtly and gradually over time and requires several treatment sessions (an average of 3 over a few months). 

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see immediate results. A few days after treatment, you may look as you did before treatment. This is normal and temporary.

Sculptra® Aesthetic works to gradually replace lost collagen. Visible results appear within the first few treatment sessions.





Remember the Rule of 5

Massage the treated area for 5 minutes, 5 times per day for 5 days after your treatment, according to your specialist’s advice.

Have an ice pack ready

Within the first 24 hours after your treatment, apply an ice pack or ice wrapped in a cloth (avoid putting ice directly on your skin) to the treatment area to help reduce swelling.

About the use of makeup

You may apply makeup a few hours after your Sculptra Aesthetic treatment if no complications are present (for example, open wounds or bleeding).

Avoid excessive sunlight and UV exposure

Avoid sun and UV sunlamp exposure until swelling and redness have disappeared.




Price: $700/vial


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